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Tools & Supplies for Classes

Tools for Book Binding Classes

and Printing Classes

• Bone Folder

• Self-Healing Mat 12 x 18

• Awl (straight)

• Exacto knife with #11 blade

• Pencil with eraser

• Straight edge

• Inexpensive brushes for glue

Optional: decorated papers, linen thread

Tools for Calligraphy Classes

• C2 pen nib and holder

• Pilot Parallel pens, sizes 2.4 and 3.8

• Ruler 18"

• Triangle

• Pencil with eraser

• Higgins Eternal Ink

Bring any other calligraphy pens and ink you may already have.


Pilot Parallel Pens

available at most

art supply stores

in PDX.

Tools for Handwriting Class

• Pencil with eraser

• Ball point pen

• Any fountain pen you already have

• Ruler 18"

• Other pens you like to use

Bring any other calligraphy pens and ink only if you already have them.

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