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"The Sweetest Award

in Animation"

Made of solid

dark chocolate at

Jaciva's Chocolatier

& hand carried

annually from

Portland, OR

"...the longest running insider animation Oscar party today - The Chocolate Fosca Awards. Begun years before the Oscars ever recognized animated features - its a gathering of the local animation community who give a gold-plated, edible chocolate "Fosca" (the main character in Marv Newland's famous short, Anijam - sculpted by Joan Gratz (with Marilyn Zornado) to each of the year's nominees." 

Jerry Beck


Mike Gribble, of the Spike & Mike Festival of Animation, started the tradition by hosting a dinner for the nominees in the late Eighties. He realized that the niminees rarely met each other until they were in their seats on the night of the Oscars.


The party was always intentionally kept small so that the nominees would get to talk to each other.

After Mike died in 1994, Libby Simon and Marilyn Zornado carried on the tradition. Now the party is held in a private home.

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