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   Animated Type

     A Showcase of ​Letterpress Animation


      December 1, 2013


2016 at SGC Portland

The Print + Animation Showcase screened at the Univ. of Oregon's White Box in their state-of-the-art Gray Box. These looped selections ran from March 22th through April 8th. The Showcase also showed at the Pacific Northwest College of Art from March 30 - April 2nd, 2016. 


Special thanks to Cris Moss at White Box, and to Rose Bond, Mack McFarland & Micah Weber at PNCA.



Animation + Printmaking

The  Animation + Printmaking Showcase was organized as part of Flux; Southern Graphics Council International Conference.

The artists responded to an SGCI call for entries for short animated films created through printmaking processes: wood cut, letterpress, etching, silkscreen, rubber stamps, stencils, etc.  Over 55 submissions were received from all over the world and 33 were selected for this showcase. The films span the entire range of print techniques and also give some new voices to the world of animation. Organizers Marilyn Zornado and Barb Tetenbaum will also be screening their latest collaborative pressure-printed animation "French Film".


This exhibition was organized by Marilyn Zornado, independent animator and instructor, Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft; and Barbara Tetenbaum, artist, printer and head of the department of Book and Print, Oregon College of Art and Craft; with assistance from Cris Moss, director and curator of White Box.



511 NW Broadway

Portland, OR 97209



School of Architecture and Allied Arts  |  University of Oregon  |  Portland

24 NW First Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209, 503-412-3689


Showcase organizers: Barb Tetenbaum & Marilyn Zornado


Barb Tetenbaum:  btetenbaum at ocac dot edu


Marilyn Zornado: zornado at gmail dot com





1. Stamp Out Animation! 

Rob Bekuhrs

Rubber Stamps

2:20, 2016


2. Sepia

Izzy Liberti

Polyester Plate Lithography & Monoprint

50 seconds, 2015


3. Ships in the Night

Mary Becker

Letterpress Printed Flip Book

11 seconds, 2014


4. Graveyard Inquiry

Nicholas Price

4-color Photo Lithography

48 seconds, 2016


5. Gawain’s Setup, Punch 

Eliza Evans 

Contact Print & Citrasolve Transfer

54 seconds, 2015


6. Game Changer

Melissa Brown

Mixed Media Print

4:19, 2016


7. Netlines 

Travis Janssen

2-color Intaglio

1:20, 2013


8. Blue Rain

Vida Saçic


1:00, 2016


9. Let It Rain

Bridgit Henry

Woodcut, Paint, Stop-motion

2:46, 2015


10. Old-Time Film

Barbara Tetenbaum & Marilyn Zornado

Letterpress Printing   

3:00, 2012


11. Vending Machine

David Wischer

Monotype and Screen Printing

2:47, 2010


12. Storm in a Tea Cup

Lynn Peterfreund

Monotype Printing

35 seconds, 2016


13. Call & Response

Vanessa Cruz & Sheila Goloborotko

Monoprinting and Mixed Media

1:45, 2016


14. Stone Bone Boogie

Virginia Wade


Excerpt, 2010


15. departing arriving

Saskia Jetten

Stone Lithography and Relief Printing

2:16, 2014


16. Wide Open Spaces

Rory Sparks

Letterpress Flip Book

15 seconds, 2015


17. Untitled 

Kyle Durrie 


3:50, 2014


18. The Happy Hoot Owl

Christine Medley

Letterpress from Ornamental and Wood Type

23 seconds, 2016


19. CA84 

Arron Foster 


1:56, 2015


20. Für Elise

Fran Lee


56 seconds, 2016


21. Shift 

Wuon-Gaen Ho 


3:19, 2012


22. Domestikia: The Incident in the Nursery

Jennifer Linton


2:02, 2012


23. A Sacred Geometry

Karen Oremus


3:55, 2015


24. Corazón Errante (Wandering Heart)

Poli Marichal

Lino and Woodcut

2:34, 2014


25. Crowds and Barriers 

Claire Fouquet & Patty Smith


1:30, 2012


26. Apollo-getic

Vinicius de Aguiar Sanchez

Screen and Relief Print

2:33, 2015


27. French Film

Barbara Tetenbaum & Marilyn Zornado

Letterpress & Pressure Printing

4:00, 2016


28. Crow

Lynn Peterfreund

Monotype Printing

1:03, 2016


29. The Dust Dress

Michael Walsh

Screen Printing

excerpt, 2015


30. CORNERSECTION (excerpt)

Jon Vogt

Monotype Printing

4:13, 2015


31. Where the Children Play

Catherine Cartwright

Monotype Printing

1:13, 2015


32. Skin of Teeth

Devon Damonte

Letterpress onto 16mm clear film.

0:55, 2015


33. 5ppi fps

Duncan Dempster, Noah Matteucci,

David Randall & Joseph Nam


Excerpt, 2015


34. Perilous Experiment 

Ruth Hayes 

Letterpress Printed onto Film Stock

2:46, 2016

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