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An evening of visions from animators and poets

Animation & Poetry

for the Earth

In 2020 Earth Day will be

Fifty Years Old.

Animated environmental films with live poetry readings and music.

How far have we come since the first Earth Day in 1970?

What urgent work is before us?

Our events will be rescheduled. We are hoping for late May.



For the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day artist and animator Marilyn Zornado is bringing together animators, poets and musicians for two programs featuring animated environmental films with live poetry readings.


The first event will take place at the Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium. The second event will be at Roosevelt High School Auditorium on Earth Day. Both events start at 7pm. Dates to be announced.


Zornado is collaborating with poet Lynn Darroch to create an animation of a new poem. She has invited animators from the Pacific Northwest to create new works, or screen existing works, on the theme of the environment, and to encourage collaboration with poets and environmentally-minded poetry.


Zornado and Darroch have invited other regional poets whose live readings and performances will be interspersed throughout the program.

Marilyn Zornado is the lead artist, program originator and curator. Former Senior Producer at Will Vinton Studios, Zornado teaches Motion Graphics at PNCA. Writer, broadcaster and performer Lynn Darroch is Zornado’s artistic collaborator and is coordinating the project’s poetry and music components.


Northwest Film Center is a community partner.

From "Second Coming" by Joan C. Gratz

Animator / Artists

Savanah Beckett

Rob Bekuhrs

Neil Cox

Devon Damonte

Joan C. Gratz

Laura J. Lago

Deanna Morse

Mervi Pakaste

Joanna Priestley

Leisa ReFalo

Riley Rohrbacher

Marilyn Zornado

Animator Bios

coming soon.


Lynn Darroch

Leanne Grabel

Emmett Wheatfall

& surprise guests!


Mike Horsfall

Learn more about the

poets & musician


Special guest:

from Crag Law Center