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From "Second Coming" by Joan C. Gratz

_Second Coming_ Joan C. GRATZ



For the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day artist and animator Marilyn Zornado has brought together program of short animated films to acknowledge 50 years of Earth Days. She invited animators from the Pacific Northwest to create new works, or screening existing works, on the theme of the environment, encouraging them to work with poetry.

The 25-minute program consists of eleven short films. Included are films in different techniques: claypainting, digital animation, stop-motion, oil-on-canvas, felt animation, Photoshop animation, After Effects and letterpress printed directly on 35mm film stock. Animators' backgrounds range from an Academy Award winner to children in grade school. Students from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, contributed four films. For six of the films this is the premiere.

Program introduction by Courtney Johnson, Executive Director of Crag Law Center.

Funded in part by RACC. Regional Arts & Culture Council

Marilyn Zornado is the lead artist, program originator and curator. Former Senior Producer at Will Vinton Studios, Zornado teaches in the Graphic Design and Animation departments at PNCA.


Introduction: Courtney Johnson
Executive Director of Crag Law Center

"The Second Coming"
Animator: Joan C. Gratz
Poet: William Butler Yeats
Medium: Claypainting

"Recipe for Birds" - premiere
Deanna Morse

"Section 32, Song of Myself"
Animator: Leisa ReFalo
Poet: Walt Whitman
Motion Graphics

"California Dreaming" - premiere
Animator: Susannah Beckett
Poet: Lachlan McKinnon
Photoshop animation

"Remember" - premiere
Animator: Neil Cox
Poet: Joy Harjo
Motion Graphics

"When the Full Grown Poet Came"
Animator: Teresa Drilling
Poet: Walt Whitman
Stop-motion animation

"Tree-to-Tree" - premiere
Animator: Laura Lago
Poet: Animated oil painting

"A Letter to Someone Living Fifty Years from Now" - premiere
Animator: Riley Rohrbacher
Poet: Matthew Olzman
Motion graphics

"Passages" - premiere
Animator: Marilyn Zornado
Poet: Lynn Darroch
Motion graphics

"Walt's Love Light"
Animator: Devon Damonte
Poet: Walt Whitman
Letterpress printing directly on 35mm film stock

Animator / Artists

Savanah Beckett

Neil Cox

Devon Damonte

Teresa Drilling

Joan C. Gratz

Laura J. Lago

Deanna Morse

Leisa Refalo

Riley Rohrbacher

Marilyn Zor nado

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