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Old-Time Film


​A letterpress-printed animation short printed entirely from antique news cuts, printer’s ornaments, hand-set type and bell wire on a Vandercook SP-15.

Directed, Animated

and Printed by

Barbara Tetenbaum

& Marilyn Zornado

Music by The Macrae Sisters.

Made in part with a grant from RACC.


Insect Poetry
Directed by

Marilyn Zornado

& Animated by her

Talented Friends

Tucked quietly away in the corner of a writer's study, The Insect Literary Society has convened this night to share new poems written by a few of its members.






Spring Lines
Calligraphy comes to life to express

the beauty of spring through the

words of twelve poets.


Directed & Animated by

Marilyn Zornado

Here are the words of Dylan Thomas, e.e. cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Langston Hughes and others.



​​A tribute to


Ken Nordine


Directed &

Animated by

Marilyn Zornado


French Film

​​Are the stilted phrases we use when learning a language comparable to the awkward conversations when two people begin a relationship?


Directed, Animated

& Printed by

Marilyn Zornado &

Barbara Tetenbaum

Music by 3-Leg Torso

Entirely printed on a Vandercook Press using an experimental ink-on-paper technique of pressure printing, this film combines imagery from a 1890s fitness book and language exercises from French text books we studied in high school, expressing both the urgency and agency of new love.


James Beard,

America's First Foodie

PBS American Masters

Animated Illustrations


Director: Elizabeth Federici

Editor: Greg Snider

Additional Animation: Phil Salang

Z O R N A D O  D E S I G N   /  z o r n a d o  @  g m a i l . c o m   /   5 0 3 . 8 0 7 . 4 8 2 5

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