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Round Boxes - special supplies



I have found the OLfA Heavy Duty Circle Cutter to work best. Please let me know if you find anything that works better for cutting large circles out of book board.


From OLFA it sells for around $44.00. Some students have found these at Michaels. What I like about this cutter is that you can put your weight on the pivot.





3M Positionable Mounting Adhesive PMA


I find this positionable mounting adhesive works great for placing the inside liner of the round box, otherwise it is difficult to get the liner to fit inside accurately.

EXCERPT FROM THE CATALOG: "No. 568 positionable mounting adhesive is a special pressure-activiated synthetic adhesive that allows the item being mounted to be positioned and repositioned until it is correctly aligned before pressure is applied to make a permanent bond. The permanent bond is long-aging and will not stain, discolor, or dry out with age. It resists changes in temperature and humidity."


I order this from United Mfrs. Supply: It costs about $40 per roll, but lasts a long time. I use for other tricky situations.

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