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Susanah Beckett


Rob Bekhurs

Neil Cox
Devon Damonte & Anna
Joan Gratz

Laura Heit
Deanna Morse
Mervi Pakaste

Joanna Priestley

Leisa ReFalo

Riley Rohrbacher
Barb Tetenbaum
Marilyn Zornado

Roosevelt Student?




LITTLE WORLD: A projection performance

Animator: Devon Damonte
Poet - Joanne Clarkson
Live Musician - Hathor Vergotis
Projection Performers - Anna Wederspahn & Devon Damonte
Projectionist Participation & Patience - NWFC Allstars, Shannon

Medium - 16mm & 35mm cameraless direct animation, approx 6 minutes

About the film maker:

Devon Damonte is an artist based in Tacoma, WA. He prefers handcrafted stuff, like cameraless 16mm & 35mm film animation, rubbings, printmaking, handmade papermaking, and book arts. Damonte is adjunct faculty at The Evergreen State College teaching experimental animation in the summertimes, and he believes we live smack dab in the golden age of adhesive tape.

About the poet:

Joanna has written poetry most of her life. She holds a MFA in library science and worked as a librarian, then switched careers and became a nurse. She lives in Port Townsend, WA.


Animator: Joan C. Gratz

Poet: William Butler Yeats

Medium: Clay painting

Length: 2:20

About the animator: 

Joan Gratz is an Academy Award winning director of animated short films and commercials. She is the author of "My Tesla" and "Downward Facing Frog." She lives in Portland, OR.

About the poet:

William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature 1865 – 1939. The Second Coming is one of his best know poems.


Rob Bekhurs

Laura Heit

Joanna Priestley

Marilyn Zornado

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