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Our Poets

Trevino L. Brings Plenty


Trevino L. Brings Plenty is a poet and musician who lives, works, and writes in Portland, Oregon. He is singer/songwriter/guitarist for the musical ensemble Ballads of Larry Drake. He has read/performed his work at poetry festivals as far away as Amman, Jordan, and close to his home base at Portland’s Wordstock Festival.


Trevino is an American and Native American; a Lakota Indian born on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, South Dakota, USA. Some of his work explores the American Indian identity in American culture and how it has through genealogical history affected indigenous peoples in the 21st century. He writes of urban Indian life; it’s his subject.


Other titles by author: Wakpá Wanáǧi, Ghost River (2015); Real Indian Junk Jewelry (2012); Shedding Skins: Four Sioux Poets (2008).

Lynn Darroch


Writer, broadcaster and performer Lynn Darroch is the author of “Rhythm in the Rain - Jazz in the Pacific Northwest” (Portland State University, Ooligan Press, 2015), host of a weekly radio show on KMHD (89.1 FM), and was for many years the editor of the monthly “Jazzscene.”

He has released three albums of original stories with live musical accompaniment and performs them in various venues as well as on his radio show.

As a journalist, he has written reviews, previews and features for the Oregonian newspaper (1982-2010) as well as other local and national publications, and his work appears in “The Encyclopedia of United State Popular Culture” and “The Oregon Encyclopedia.” He is the editor of numerous books, including “Between Fire and Love: Contemporary Peruvian Literature.”

He has been a speaker for the Oregon Chautauqua program and is a retired college instructor of literature and composition.

Leanne Grabel


Leanne Grabel, M.Ed., is a writer, illustrator, performer & special education teacher (almost retired). Currently teaching graphic flash memoir to adults in several arts centers and retirement communities, she is in love with mixing genres and has written & produced numerous spoken-word multi-media shows, including “The Lighter Side of Chronic Depression,” and “Anger: The Musical.”

Her poetry books include Lonesome & Very Quarrelsome Heroes; Short Poems by a Short Person; Badgirls (a collection of flash non-fiction & a theater piece); and Gold Shoes, a collection of graphic prose poems.

Grabel has just completed Tainted Illustrated, an illustrated stretched memoir, which is being serialized in THE OPIATE. Her illustrated flash memoirs will soon be published monthly for a year by Another Chicago Magazine.

She and her husband Steve Sander are the founders of Café Lena, Portland’s legendary poetry hub of the 1990s.

Emmett Wheatfall


Emmett Wheatfall lives in Portland, Oregon where he reads, writes, publishes and performs poetry. His books include He Sees Things (2010), We Think We Know (2011), The Meaning of Me (2012), Bread Widow (2013, his first hardback collection, Fragments (2015), As Clean as a Bone ( 2018, a 2019 Eric Hoffer and da Vinci Eye award finalist), and Our Scarlet Blue Wounds.

He has served on the Nomination Committee for the selection of Oregon Poet Laureate, and in October, 2017, he gave the keynote address at the 2017 Oregon Poetry Association Annual Conference.

Wheatfall was a featured poet at the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the March on Washington and the keynote speaker at the Oregon Historical Society’s Oregon Black History Series program, “March on Washington for jobs and Freedom Fiftieth Anniversary.”   

He has recorded one non-lyrical (without music) spoken word poetry CD, I Speak, and four lyrical spoken word poetry (with music) CDs: When I Was Young (2010), I Loved You Once (2011), Them Poetry Blues (2013), and Welcome Home (2017). These albums feature Oregon’s jazz, blues, and pop musicians. He has also performed his spoken word poetry live in local jazz venues.