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In the News...

May 30 & May 31 2019 Whitman Animated

As a calligrapher and animator, I love working with Whitman's writing. Last year I reached out to a handful of other animators and book artists from around the globe, including Northwest-based artists, Teresa Drilling, Deanna Morse, Barbara Tetenbaum, Kathy Kuehn and Academy Award-winner Joan C. Gratz, to create new short works for Whitman's 200th birthday. We have a total of fifteen short animated films. For almost all of the films, this will be the premiere. For some, this is their first animated film ever!

We will have two screenings in Portland. (see below for details) Interspersed throughout the screenings will be readings of Whitman’s poems by local poets invited by David Abel of Passages Bookshop. There will also be a special projection performance by animator Devon Damonte at both venues.

Readers include:
5/30 David Abel, Seann McCollum, Endi Hartigan, Patrick Hartigan, Laura Winter
5/31 David Abel, James Yeary, CE Putnam, Jac Nelson, Chris Ashby, Jen Coleman

Please join us for a reception prior to both screenings at 6pm.  Each screening will have the same animation, but a different focus of the poems. Come to one or both events!



Thursday, May 30th 7pm, Reception at 6pm. Whitsell Auditorium, 1219 SW Park. Hosted by NW Film Center. $10

FREE TICKETS AVAILABLE: If you go in ADVANCE to: https://11099a.blackbaudhosting.com/11099a/tickets?tab=2&txobjid=937af473-e4b9-413d-8128-03e3aa82ef6d
-->> Enter NWFC CODE: WatW19NWT



Friday, May 31st. 7pm, Reception at 6pm. 1715 SE Spokane. FREE. The same animation program, but the focus of the poems read will be Whitman's political writings.

This screening is also the closing night of LEAVES OF RESISTANCE, a show of book-arts by the Secret Society Members from OCAC. This screening will be followed by birthday cake.

Both events are in partnership with Passages Bookshop https://www.passagesbookshop.com/

--- >> A complete listing of films can be found here: https://www.zornadodesign.com/whitman-200th

October 2018 - January 2019: Insect Poetry at the Airport

Insect Poetry was selected to play at the Hollywood Theater MicroCinema at the Portland Airport as part of a showcase of short films by Oregon filmmakers.

Many friends stopped by between flights to see Insect Poetry in this jewel-box theater.

The Hollywood Theater at the Airport is on Concourse C.

Insect Poetry was directed & produced by Marilyn Zornado and brought to life with the help of her talented friends. Made at the Will Vinton Studio in 2002.
A complete list of credits and more information here

2017 Trailblazing Women of Animation

Trailblazing Women of Animation

An Evening with Marilyn Zornado

at the Whitsell Theatre

Portland Art Museum

Portland, Oregon

December 2017

NW Film Center, Northwest Tracking Series