Animated Type

     A Showcase of ​Letterpress Animation


      December 1, 2013


A Showcase of Letterpress Animation


This first-time showcase was organized to encourage and highlight experimentation in the medium of letterpress-printed animation. It was premiered at the College Book Arts Association Conference in Jan. 2014


24 films and objects from the US, Europe and Canada were chosen for this showcase. We are encouraged by the work we have seen and the hint of what will come as a continued dialog occurs between the disciplines of animation and the print arts. We hope to travel this showcase and expand it to include more submissions as they come in.


Please contact the organizers if you would like to screen this showcase and/or participate in the future.


Many thanks go to Marnie Powers-Torrey and her crew in Salt Lake City for helping organize this event as part of the College Book Art Association’s conference “Print, Produce, Publish” in 2014.


Barb Tetenbaum & Marilyn Zornado


Barb Tetenbaum:  btetenbaum at ocac dot edu


Marilyn Zornado: zornado at gmail dot com


JANUARY 2016 Premiere

Deadline: November 30, 2015


Copy and paste the following information into an email


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with the Animated Type Showcase. I grant the right to use text, photos, and footage pertaining to this entry in the Showcase and for promotional purposes. I accept full legal responsibility for the content of this work, and shall indemnify the Showcase against all claims involving copyright, trademark or royalty infringement that may arise from it.


Showcase organizers will make every effort to safeguard entries, but are not responsible for damage that

may occur as entries will handled by the public as part of the exhibition.

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Barbara Tetenbaum

C/O Oregon College of Art & Craft

8245 SW Barnes Road

Portland, OR 97225